Family Service PEI and the Catholic Family Service Bureau are saddened to hear of the demise of Family Service Moncton, a key community agency supporting families and individuals through counselling services. The agency also helped families deal with the many challenges of contemporary family living by offering Family Education programs, and specialized in the delivery of employee assistance programs to local and regional businesses and governments.

“It is very unfortunate to see such essential services being discontinued,” remarks Denise Lockhart, Executive Director of Family Service PEI, “There are many individuals and families in the Moncton area who have just lost their access to services that have the ability to both prevent personal crises while improving mental health and daily functioning.”

In addition to individuals and families losing essential services, family service agencies in Atlantic Canada have also lost a member of their team. Both PEI based organizations were partnered with Moncton through a regional supportive network, working together to increase best practice and meet the needs of local communities.

Despite the demise of Family Service Moncton, local service here in PEI has not been impacted, as there continues to be two strong community-based family service agencies in the province who work together to meet the needs of individual’s, families and small business employee assistance needs. Additionally, there are three agencies throughout New Brunswick and two in Nova Scotia, all of which provide a range of critical services in their community.

“It is always disappointing to see a partner agency discontinue service. We have worked very closely with Family Service Moncton over the years and we will greatly miss the expertise of their team members and their contribution to our network,” says Peter Mutch, Executive Director of Catholic Family Services Bureau. “Although they were a key agency in our network, we will continue to work together locally, and regionally, to share and promote the use of best practice interventions with our clients and within our communities.”
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For more information on this subject, or to schedule an interview, please contact either Denise Lockhart or Peter Mutch, as listed above.