“When my husband and I went to Family Service PEI we were heading towards bankruptcy. We were put on a debt repayment program, and were to pay a percentage of our debt once a month. We really feel that this program saved us from going bankrupt, and helped us get our credit record back on track. We also used the budget planner that was recommended with the plan to help us out. Now our debt is paid off and we can afford the things we could not before. We are both so glad that they could help us out, and hopefully can help others out, too.”

– Debt Repayment Client, Credit Counselling Program

“When I began getting help from Family Service PEI I learned how to take control of my depression and anxiety, instead of letting it control me. Throughout the year I learned many techniques to help me look at life differently and help me cope with my feelings of emptiness and hopelessness and deal with stressful situations. Without the help and guidance I received, the past year would have been much more difficult to overcome. I am very happy and thankful for the skills I learned here and I now have my life back in my hands!”

– Therapeutic Counselling Client

“A year ago, a number of personal and family issues arose for which I required outside counselling and guidance. I have been able to create strategies for coping in addition to developing a better understanding on how and why these situations occurred. The geared to income payment option has been much appreciated. I highly recommend Family Services PEI.”

-Therapeutic Counselling Client

“Family Service PEI has really helped me. I have started to be pro active with money. When there is an extra ten dollars, I save it into an account so I can be prepared this year for Christmas and other holidays. I have tried to look ahead and pre-plan and budget instead of being crunched and having to take from other necessities.”

-Debt Repayment Client, Credit Counselling Program

“My experience here at Family Service PEI has been nothing but positive and beneficial. The workers here are nothing but professional, listen always to what you have to say and follow up on emotions, statements, and interactions. Given my past experience with my brother’s suicide, I appreciate them watching me for signs of depression and having objective eyes to help me to recognize despondency. They helped me identify and verbalize the pain I feel. They are a very reliable and trusted resource.

-Therapeutic Counselling Client