Interactive calculators can help you make financial decisions that are most advantageous to you.


Abacus-symbol Mortgage Qualifier Calculator

This calculator will look at your expenses and income to help determine whether or not you may qualify for a home mortgage.

Abacus-symbol Mortgage Calculator 

This calculator will help you determine your mortgage payment and how you could pay off your mortgage faster.

Abacus-symbol Buy or Rent Calculator

This calculator will help you decide whether to buy or rent, based on your net investment gain.

Abacus-symbol Credit Card Payment Calculator

This tool will help you compare payment options to pay off your credit card debt.

Abacus-symbol RRSP Savings Calculator

Estimate how much your RRSP will be worth at retirement and how much income it will provide annually.

Abacus-symbol Retirement Cash Flow Calculator

Ever wonder if your savings will last you through retirement? Use this calculator to help you plan!

Abacus-symbol Pay Down Your Debt or Invest Calculator

This calculator will help you determine what to do with your extra money- invest or pay off debt.

Abacus-symbol University Cost Calculator

Wondering how much your post secondary education will cost and whether your savings will be enough?

Abacus-symbol Student Loan Repayment Calculator

See what option is best for you to repay your student loans.

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